Design, Production, Maintenance

CNC’s consolidated experience and expertise gained in the design, production and maintenance of constructed moulds  enables us to provide our clientele with products of high quality.

Our qualified staff in the Engineering Department makes use of the know-how we have acquired over the years. Our relationship with the customers is marked by constructive and continual collaboration. We sit down with the customer right from the design phase to discuss their requirements so that we can produce exactly what the customer wants.

After completely designing every part making up the mould and the details that determine its specificity, the production runs are generated and sent to the Production Department where numerically controlled (CNC) machines are connected via LAN directly to the Engineering Department.

Our Engineering Department is equipped with CAD/CAM three-dimensional modelling systems and is able to:

  • Import and export files in the formats: IGES, DXF, DWG,PARASOLID, VDA, ACIS, STEP, Pro-ENGINEERING, STL
  • Design to mathematical models created in-house or to models provided by the customer
  • Do 3D CAM design and send the post-processor directly to the machine tools connected to the Engineering Department.